Words from the President and the Organizers

Words from the President and the Organizers

Every two years, one of the three international scientific societies dedicated to Chronic Pelvic Perineal Pain (DPPC), IPPS (International Pelvic Pain Society), IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain) Special Interest Group and Convergences-PP, alternately organize the worldwide on DPPC: WCAPP (World Congress of Abdominal and Pelvic Pain).
This agreement, decided between the three scientific societies was made in May 2010, in Istanbul.

Since then, the IASP has organized WCAPP.1 in Amsterdam in 2013, Convergences-PP the WCAPP.2 in Nice in 2015, then came the turn of IPPS and WCAPP.3 in Washington in 2017 and again the IASP for the WCAPP.4 in London in 2019.

This year it is therefore Convergences-PP which is organizing WCAPP.5, during its annual congress of Lyon and which welcomes, with great pleasure, the two other scientific societies, IPPS and IASP-sig, in order to to associate with this WCAPP.5.

The annual congresses are an important moment in the life of Convergences-PP. Indeed, they allow to bring together multi-disciplinary actors in the care of DPPC, who come from backgrounds very different and this also greatly contributes to the richness of our debates. The annual congress of Convergences-PP is also a deadline for finalizing or setting up new lines of research, essential for the advancement of knowledge on this topic.
Convergences-PP promotes and develops exchanges, scientific work, their validation as well as the dissemination of knowledge on the topic of DPPC.

Scientific research, consensus, and dissemination of knowledge are numerous.
We can cite in particular the Convergences-PP criteria for pelvic hypersensitization, the consensus on first-line treatments for induced vulvar vestibulodynia, pudendal neuralgia or coccygodynias, good practice guides for pudendal infiltrations or injections of botulinum toxin.

After the cancellation of the Rome congress in 2020 and the impossibility for Barcelona to organize the congress worldwide, due to the major consequences suffered during the Covid pandemic, it is therefore in Lyon that we meet in order to discuss all together on this subject so complex, but fascinating, of the DPPC.

There will be many of us and we will take advantage of the excellent cultural and gastronomic atmosphere
of the city.
Welcome everybody.

Dr Eric Bautrant
Président des Convergences-PP
Uro-gynécologue, Aix-en Provence, France


It is with great pleasure that we look forward to welcoming you to Lyon November 10-11-12 and 13, 2021 for the 7th Annual Convergences-PP Congress attached to 5th WCAPP.

May the pandemic we are currently experiencing slowly die out, so that we let’s have the pleasure of meeting face-to-face and discussing the many topics scientists that will be discussed at this congress.

Indeed, the program is rich and should undoubtedly fascinate all the actors involved in the management and evaluation of pelvic-perineal pain. From fundamental data with in particular rich themes on the vegetative aspect and physiological data from pelvic sensitization, up to new techniques emerging in pelvic-perineal pain rehabilitation, through specific focus on endometriosis, on the bladder and urethra, on postpartum pain, each of will find us food for thought and optimization of our knowledge.

And then, this good city of Lyon lends itself perfectly to the organization of this congress which will take place at the ENS, hoping that you will be able to benefit from all the cultural, gastronomic and architectural richness of this magnificent city.

See you soon in Lyon.

Pr Gérard Amarenco
Service Neuro-Urologie et explorations périnales
Hôpital Tenon, Paris

Pr François Golfier
Service de Gynécologie-Obstétrique
Hôpital Lyon Sud

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