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Dear friends,

In ten years, Convergences PP has become the scientific society, dedicated to chronic pelvic-perineal pain (DPPC), a reference in Europe.
Convergences PP promotes and develops scientific works, their validation as well as the dissemination of knowledge on the subject of the DPPC.
Convergences PP also aims to be a partner of each scientific society on the pelvis and the perineum. From SIFUD PP, historical partner who participated in and favored the creation of Convergences PP, up to the ICS today research partner on the difficult subject of the DPPC after prolapse surgery and meshes implantations in uro-gynecology .
The scientific work of research, consensus, dissemination of knowledge are numerous. In particular, Convergences PP criteria for pelvic sensitization, consensus on first-line treatment in provoked vestibulodynia or coccygodynia.

At the end of the Brussels Congress in October 2018, I had the great honor of succeeding Jean-Jacques Labat, then Jérôme Rigaud as President of the Convergences PP. The appointment of a young and dynamic office allowed us the development of scientific projects and numerous teaching sessions.
The scientific committee will elect its president during the congress of Madrid.
We will discuss, of course, the next world congress, WCAPP 5, organized every two years alternately by the three international societies on the DPPC, and in which Convergences PP collaborates with the IPPS and the IASP. In October 2021 Convergences PP will therefore be in charge of organizing the WCAPP 5 in Barcelona.

The annual congress is an important moment because it allows us to bring together multi-disciplinary actors in the care of DPPC, who come from very different horizons and that also contributes greatly to the richness of our debates. The Convergences PP annual congress is also a deadline to finalize or set up new lines of research, essential to the advancement of knowledge on this topic.

This year again, the ambition is important with the objective of finding a consensus in the first-line treatment of pudendal neuralgia, to evaluate the numerous second-line therapies proposed in the provoked vestibulodynia, to improve the understanding of knowledge between endometriosis and pelvic sensitization and finally, subject where Convergences PP is highly anticipated, the complications of prolapse meshes correction, where a joint session with the ICS, will attempt to shed light on the understanding of the mechanisms of DPPC after this type of interventions.

This year, it is in Madrid that we will meet, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid, for the 2019 annual congress, under the presidency of our friend, Professor Ramón Usandizaga.
The program is high level, with a whole day devoted to all the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of pudendal neuralgia, but also a pre-congress where we will meet at the ultra-modern laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, under the direction of F. Clascá. Dissections of the pelvic and perineal nerves, the muscles of the buttocks and perineum, as well as the surgical approaches to the pudendal nerve by the trans-gluteal, trans-ischio-rectal or laparoscopic approach will be exciting and rich in teaching.
The official language of the congress will be Castilian. But there will be simultaneous translation into French and English.
You will be like me, charmed by this beautiful city, full of contrast, rich in culture and unique atmosphere. You will like the Madrilenians, happy and warm.
You will, like me, make many friends and you will be able to count on their faithful friendship.

See you soon in Madrid.

Eric Bautrant
President of PP Convergences
Uro-gynecologist, Aix-en-Provence, France