Becoming a member of Convergences PP means:

RESEARCHING, SHARING, TEACHING, INNOVATING… with BENEVOLENCE in the field of chronic pelvi-perineal pains. 

Membership benefits

The members of the Convergences PP Society benefit from optimal information on the problems raised by chronic pelvi-perineal pain.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to the members’ space (reserved information)
  • Access to the pluridisciplinary concertation and experts’ opinions meeting
  • Access to a pluridisciplinary network specialized in chronic pelvi-perineal pain
  • Access to clinical tools for daily practice
  • Access to recommendations
  • Preferential rates to attend the training sessions organized by the Convergences PP society
  • Preferential rate to the annual congress registration
  • Inscription in the directory of the specialists in chronic pelvi-perioneal pain assuming the member endorses the quality charter.

Membership also implies…

Active participation to the Learned Society: voting during the annual General Assembly; running and voting for the election of the Management Council; being a member of working groups; sharing one’s knowledge gained from research or practice.

Communicating about Convergences PP during missions and different actions related to pelvi-perineal pains.

Membership requirements

Annual membership fees:

  • Doctors: €100
  • Paramedics: €70
  • Interns: free 

Bank card payments only, other ways of payment will not be accepted.