Researching – Sharing – Teaching – Innovating

Convergences PP (Convergences in pelvi perineal pain) is a society whose purpose is to foster knowledge on chronic pelvi-perioneal pains. It is a federation of Learned Societies involved in the field of pelvi-perineal pain and functional pathologies.  This pluridisciplinary society organized its 6th congress in Madrid in November 2019 (after Nantes in 2009, Nîmes in 2012, the World Congress on adominal and pelvic pain in Nice in 2015, Aix en Provence in 2016, Brussels in 2018).

Albeit a French-speaking society, Convergences PP confirmed its European envergure by providing English and Spanish simultaneous interpretation.  

The Convergences PP association boasts the following values:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Pluridisciplinarity
  • Research and Development 
  • Benevolence

Convergences PP contributions to its members:

  • Training
  • Information on the latest scientific breakthroughs
  • Recommendations and guidelines
  • Specialized pluridisciplinary network
  • Meetings of pluridisciplinary concertation/experts’ opinions
  • Annual congress

Duties of the members: 

  • Annual membership fees
  • Sharing of knowledge gained from research or practice works